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GOAL rescuing vulnerable children through education in order to acquire human capital Number of children (saved) rescued Neevert records for children available i.e. registration forms, birth certificates No changes on any pre -existing conditions and set assumptions
PURPOSE Ensuring a sustainable home (shelter), teachers, nurses and matrons -Housing available

-number of teachers, nurses and matrons recruited

Administrative records i.e. rent agreement, employment contracts 1.       Cooperation with government officials

2.       Compliance to legal policies

OUTCOME –          Providing teaching Aid

–          Conducive learning environment

–          Providing balanced diet and health insurance

1.       Food storage and stock available

2.       Number of insurance cards available

1.       Store ledger records

2.       Insurance cards records

-Donor funds available

-Home/shelter and a conducive learning environment at pool

-Social worker and an expert opinion

ACTIVITIES 1. Recruitment for teachers, nurses and matrons

2. Creating an organization website

3. Renting or buying a house

-Who is responsible for recruitment and the website design

– who will buy or rent a house

-When is the commencement of the project

– The accountable person and the management as a whole – CEO Available

– Partners and Development              Donors