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My name is Neema Noel Secha i am a graduate of Bachelor Degree in Social work, rite after my education in 2019 i started Neevert Children Home with Evert Van Holten from Nertheland as an orphanage inclusive with the daycare in a view of helping few children. This was my primary dream from since when i started the first year of bachelor degree in the collage of social work, to date Neevert Children Home has eight orphans and two daily cared children who comes from within the area. Further more, there is a teacher, an assistant teacher, a matron to look after the children in the cause of day today activities and a Gardener to support the environment for general cleanliness.

My fellow stakeholders and every body out there in view of this page, I stand firmly humble for Neevert and the task before us, grateful for the trust you have best owed, mindful of the sacrifices and choices made.
I thank everyone for your support to Neevert as well as the generosity and cooperation you have shown throughout from when Neevert was born, not many people have taken the donor oath in generally supporting such initiatives since the words have been spoken during the rising tides of unrealistic orphanages existing in Tanzania but still you have chosen to put your all trust by Neevert. Thank you very much

We stand true to our Neevert and so it has been and it must be with the current generation of Tanzanians that, the ideal and the truth is well understood.
Thank you for your time and support to Neevert


Education is the base for love,happiness and humor


If we all stand as one believing in change then we can make a meaningful change


Our support creates self-sustaining and powered communities

Neevert “puts smile in a child’s face”

As a cradle of smiles

At Neevert Children home, believes that providing a nurturing environment for the children is essential to their overall development. Our children are the leaders of tomorrow and we are here to help them reach their fullest potential.

Neevert Children Home is dedicated to provide the primary care essence required to improve the quality of life for each individual child under the age of five years. Neevert Children Home with all stakeholders have one thing in common – a passionate desire to help the children of Tanzania have  equally access to best care while parents are at work, those genuinely in need and living under hardship conditions.