Neevert Children home  is nonprofit organization committed to children’s access to desired mindset, physical well being and all basic needs. Neevert Children Home involves two major segments known as a daycare and an orphanage. The organization is based in Tanzanian main land in the North Eastern Circuit of the country (Arusha Region), the organization is registered under the children Act, no. 21 of the year 2009 under the Ministry of Health Social Development Gender, the Elderly and Children as stipulated in the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania

Neevert Children Home is dedicated to provide the primary care essence required to improve the quality of life for each individual child. Neevert Children Home stakeholders have one thing in common – a passionate desire to help the children of Tanzania have  equally access to best care for those genuinely in need and living under vulnerable conditions.

love endurance conquers animosity

We can Change lives ONLY when knowledge is turned into a meaningful change.


A children home endeavors of the best care for children while parents are
working, those Genuinely in need and those living under vulnerable condition



to nurture children’s independence and self-reliance through enhanced education, nutrition, and creativity
in each stage of their development.


1. To promote increased access to better health, safety and care to children living under vulnerable condition

2. To enhance children behavior through restoration of self-awareness and confidence while rebuilding their own creativity and fascination

3. To Promote children’s education through adequately trained staffs in different modules on how children learn in their vital emphasised circle

4. To provide adequate nutrition through provision of balanced diet as advised through pedagogical studies

safety, support and education for the prosperous future

Every year, your generosity helps thousands of children across Tanzania recover from the trauma of abuse, neglected family, violence and ignorance.


our mission

  To nurture children’s independence and self reliance through enhanced education, nutrition and creativity in each stage of their development.